Day 1: What are the challenges?

Program Tuesday Morning We start the Studyweek at RDM Rotterdam A warm welcome from the dean of Rotterdam University, Wijnand van den Brink to the Swiss and Dutch students of the sketchity studyweek. What are we going to do in the studyweek? Presentation by Tanja Hess, Introduction to the topic of the week: ideasketching […]

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In the meantime, while you are sketching, you will develop your ideas and you have the time to rethink and alter your focus.

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Sketching the challenges of the future resilient city

The sketchcity studyweek 2017 in Rotterdam is a joint project at the Rotterdam University between the two Swiss Universities of applied Sciences Chur and Berne, and the Rotterdam University, the Netherlands. For Multimedia Producers it is most important to have great and interesting content, important topics and material to communicate. The students from the Rotterdam University are the experts for resiliency.

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