Day 5: I have a dream – and I sketched it here for you


Thank you all for your contribution to this sketchcity 2018 study week: „Sketching ideas for the resilient future city.“




We work on the assignment that will be exhibited in the afternoon.

  1. PDF My Idea is … Template file my_idea_is.indt
  2. Logo to implement in pdf
  3. 90 seconds film: upload on youtube Password ask the lecturers!
  4. blog entry about your project with some sketches
  5. Dropbox upload of all sketches (approx. 30+30+30+30)
  6. Print out PDF
  7. Do the exhibition

13.00 we will meat at Millinx Park

15.00 – 17.00 Desktop exhibition

Speech Bruno Studer,
Chairman Department AZT, HTW Chur

17.00 End of Sketchcity Study Week 2018

Focus Documentary

Documentary drawing fixes the memory, your memory and the memory of your audience.

It is all about how to perceive.

The artists of the era of the expressionism understood their job to express the inner world of emotion nourished from reality.
Key was their individual point of view rather than just external reality.

Documentary drawing is always about forming collective memory. You give the maximal of attention to a certain thing and you highlight this out of the normal day storyline.

Sketching in the city means collecting important moments and bring them to an individual perception. To measure one short episode for the whole.
Sketching in the city is about making a relation between a moment and the overall story. a political event, protest or demonstration.
Taking out one moment means giving this very moment a bigger meaning: this can be a feeding of the birds or a great sports event.

Think about humanitarian stories. Add text as far as you can add value. Add context, evocative images of faces or backgrounds, moods and colour.

Bring all your impressions, perception and feelings together to a big whole. This is your documentary drawing.

And answer the question: What are the challenges of the future liveable city? And what is my idea …

Impressions of the day