Day 2: Ideasketching for Resiliency

Program Thursday Morning and Afternoon
8.45 – 9.30 Walk-in with coffee and tea at Baai 2 in Innovation Dock
Sketching time at RDM Rotterdam
12.00 Lunchbags
12.30 – 13.00 PLENARY SESSION: Janneska Spoelman
Congress room ID 0.210 Innov.Dock
13.00- 14.00 PLENARY SESSION by Marc Verheijen, architect, infrastructure and mobility expert, city of Rotterdam
Sketching time at RDM Rotterdam
14.30 Softdrinks
Working on group assignment and group consulting
Baai 2 in Innovation Dock + 1 additional class room
16:00 end of official program
evening individual sketching in the city

This is a nice first sketch from the location. And we want to see how the idea evolves.

Exchange of ideas after the first day of sketching.

Waiting for the lecture of Gerard Peet about the history and growing of the city of Rotterdam.

Andreas Mädler speaks about ideation and about how to have a realy convincing idea

Janneska Soelman from Rotterdam University coaches students about the needs of the city to be resilient.


Digital drawing with Wacom.

Good ideas and good vibes for the future city.

It is a lot of inspiring and having good ideas.

Citywalk with Gerard Peet, who opened us the eyes for the real game changing things.