Day 1: What does it mean to be a „resilient city“?

Input Lectures
on the Floating Pavilion



9.15 Opening

Wellcome by Rick Heikoop Rotterdam University


9.25 Welcome

Thomas Hodel, Head of Institut Multimedia Production HTW Chur


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9.45 Floris Boogaard, Rotterdam University



10.10 Rutger de Graaf, designer of the Floating Pavilion

short break

10.40 Kit Bosman about City as Text


11.20 Tanja Hess about

Introduction to the topic of the week and assignment

Questions to ask today when you go out to your locations to sketch

When you go to the city and sketch there, always ask yourself:

With what am I confronted?

  • Do I want to take an ephemeral approach or do I dive in radically?
  • Possibilities are as varied as the persons sketching.
  • It is all about your intent and the sketchcity study week topic.


What are the challenges of the future liveable city? And what is my idea …


It is not only about what the eyes see. It is about what the mind and heart see and the story you want to tell.

  • How do you want to develop your own story? By practising intent!
  • Take your person as a starting point for individual perception. What do you see?
  • Go to your location and sketch there. What would you like to tell after your experiences?
  • What is happening? What is interesting you?
  • Think about the large and the small view. How can you shift perspective?
  • Think about the iconic and the lesser known. What di you find?

Observe Architecture, people, colours, patterns, vibes, movements … It is all there if you take the time to find it. You will be surprised what you can find there.

So go out and tell your story with visual means by observing and sketching on location.


Observing means to spend time on a certain location to reduce speed. While downshifting you will detect deeper dimensions at the location.


Bring back: at least 30 sketches from your location. Establishing shots and details, people and objects, feelings and fact, typography and phantasy …


Impressions of the day



Where is my location?