Day 4: What do you want next?

Good Morning Rotterdam

ibarsandra - image (68)Today we are going to the vibrant city Rotterdam and we will see there the THE urbanisation-exhibition that takes place every second year in Rotterdam.

VRIMG_2892Since 2001, the IABR was focussing the exhibitions on the latest tendencies in urbanisation. This year, IABR 2016 THE NEXT ECONOMY, reflects the opportunities for a new living and business.


Today we will reflect our ideas for a future livable city we sketched the last three days and measure them with what professionals are working on.


Maarten Hajer, Professor Urban Futures & @FuturesStudioUU at @UniUtrecht. Chief Curator @IABR 2016. Member @UNEPIRP Cities|Governance|Discourse|Future|Sustainability

We are happy to meet Maarten Hajer, the Curator of the exhibition IABR who discusses in the exhibition the future of the city, while investigating the relationship between design and tomorrow’s economy.

Urban Designer & Architect Elena Bulanova will show us the possible futures concearning living and working, clean energy, regional development, and health care. The  power of Elena aka is „worth spreading“.


Panel-Session @IABR

about the spatial implications of innovation in the Next Economy.


Maarten Hajer, Curator IBAR, Professor Urban Futures, Uni Utrecht

Woulter Veldhuis, Architect at MUST

Hans Tijl, Director National Spatial Planning, Ministry of Infrastructure & EN.





The challange of the Future Livable City

Elena Bulanova, Urban Designer & Architect in interview with Joel Viotti, MMP Student on the challange of the Future Livable City in Europe, Africa and Asia.




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