Guest Lecture – „Resilient is the new Sustainable“

Photo: Hannah Beljaars-Frederiks and Rick Heikoop at the guest lecture at University of applied Sciences Berne

Guest Lecturers

Rick Heikoop, MA, MEMR (picture above right)

Senior Lecturer  Water Management, School of Built Environment & Project Manager RDM Centre of Expertise Hannah Beljaars-Frederiks MSC (picture above left)
Principal lecturer Architectural Engineering and Researcher at the Research Centre for Sustainable Port Cities, School of Built Environment

Janneska Spoelman MSc
Lecturer Urban and Regional Planning

Peter van Rijn BBe
Lecturer Environmental Engineering Buil Environment

To set the topic for the sketchcity studyweek four guest lecturers from Rotterdam University came to Switzerland in early April 2017. They conveyed the students the topic of the resilient city and the sustainable city. We learned that the word „sustainable“ is overused. Everybody uses it nowadays.

So the word resilient is the new sustainable.

But it is not only this, it is as well that we are now sure that we really will face some – in some regions even heavy problems. But the good news is, that if we care early we will be prepared for the upcoming problems.

So let’s take the challenge and lets sketch ideas for the future resilient, sustainable and liveable city.

Here are some impressions from the guest lecture at University of applied Science Berne.


Here are the links – sorry only via Moodle for our students in Switzerland – with the fully fleshed content of the guest lecture.

Here are some impressions from the students during the guest lecture.


Janneska Spoelman in the guest lecture.