Rotterdam is much more then a harbour

Here is a portrait of the city of Rotterdam from ARD in German. Rem Koolhaas is a famous citizen and architect of the tallest building. He explains:

Rotterdam ist keine Stadt in der Alles fest steht, deshalb ist sie attraktiv für alle Leute, die etwas zu sagen haben, etwas tun wollen oder am Handel interessiert sind. Rem Koolhaas

It was Mai 14th, 1940 in the afternoon when Germans bombed the city of Rotterdam. This was the beginning after a great disaster: Rotterdam proved its resilience and became a location of innovation. But times are over. Men want to get over and build a common future. They built beautiful things and not so beautiful things. What all has in common is the belief in future. 174 nations live in this city and the intention is to build a city for all.

In this city, everybody lives with everybody and nobody has a problem with someone else. This is not like in the newspapers.

Rotterdam is a city where citizens are the most important topic.

Please have a look at the film: