Sketching Reportage

Next event:

May 6. to May 10. 2019 at Rotterdam University

Reportage and Documentary Drawing in Rotterdam

Sketching in reportage is a useful tool for multimedia producers. The origin of the word „reportage“ means to carry back! And this is, what we all first want to do if we have to solve a problem in a certain location. In the field of urban sketching, this means illustration documentary or drawing documentary.

So the urban sketcher has a deeper understanding of the location then a flaneur, the urban sketcher dives in the city with its floating living and rich liveability.


We are working on the SDG 11, and this includes many others as well. As multimedia producers and educators of the future generation of journalists, who will spread the needed information of the challenge to reach the sustainability goals, we are responsible for the world we live in.

The pencil is a mighty tool. While observing the situations the brain works in its creative mode. This means many regions of the brain are interconnected during this process. Idea finding and insight into a deeper dimension of what lies in front of us will automatically happen.

But how is a more precise observation made?

The six most important components in urban documentary sketching are:

Observation – Storytelling – Drama – Ritual – History – Documentary

During the week we will focus through these lenses. The lenses will help us to experience a visual reportage. Follow us during the week and see what we are working on.