This is my idea for the resilient liveable city

@ Abstracts Wall

The random part of the rich ‚my idea is‘ abstracts of the students study week 2017 projects from the Sketchcity Wall. A documentation of all students projects will be published later.

A sample Sketchcity Design Sketchidea Process


Here are some good ideas presented as a one-page presentation. Not only the sketches are of great value, but the ideas. So why not to pick up an idea and spread it or make reality out of it? It is a mind changing activity to draw your surrounding and have a slower and closer look at it. To tear a line means to think about it. Every stroke needs the decision where to be put. So this decision leads to the question: what am I actually doing right now?

This deeper thinking about the surrounding leads to new ideas, leads to an open mind and evokes all your creativity. In the beginning of the sketchcity  studiyweek, we have learned that cities need more trees because trees reduce radiation during hot summer periods. We have learned that more trees lower the humidity of the air and this reduces the canopy heat island effect as well. And if greeneries are in the city, people „use the city like their living room“. Smaller squares are more frequently used than larger squares. While these learnings we were sketching and intuitively everybody started to structure the cityscape.

Sketched ideas left right and center

There are plenty good ideas. Go and browse the sketches and you will harvest left right and center ideas with great potential.