Sketchcity 2023 in Rotterdam

We are happy to run the 7th sketchcity study week at Rotterdam. We are proud to announce this event in cooperation with the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

This year 120 Multimedia Production students from Switzerland will meet 80 Urbanism students from the Netherlands. In mixed groups of five, each and every student will develop his or her idea for the future liveable city.

What are the challenges of the future liveable city?

The bottom-up urbanism approach will be ideated by sketches. The sketch is a mighty tool to develop the future. This is our beginning point to facing the challenge of climate adaptation.

Sketch&Draw is the method to learn to sketch for students, scientists, researchers, and all citizens.

The international exchange serves as a knowledge transfer project between multimedia producers, who are experts in visual storytelling, and urbanists that are experts in the field of knowledge of climate adaptation and urbanism. Lecturers from both universities provide information, teach skills, coach ideas and develop together with the students the awareness of the urgent need for climate adaptation and city planning to cope the future problems.

Since we work bottom-up, all citizens are experts. Everybody lives in a house and knows about the needs, advantages, and problems. This is what we want to foster: the awareness of the power, that together we have the power, even in the short time, that will be available, to reach the climate goal of 1.5 degrees.

Program of the week


Keynote, 10.00 at STC
Treasure Hunt in groups in the afternoon (working in the city)


Getting in contact with the 10 Locations (working in the city)


Hands-on urbanism (working in the city)


Finalizing the ideasketches (working in the city)


Final Assignment
Exhibition of the ideasketches at STC
and signature of international cooperation
End 14.00

What are the challenges for the future liveable cities? And how can we adapt faster to climate change?

As Keynote speaker we are proud to welcome

Jan Rothuizen Keynote Speaker

Jan Rothuizen is a Dutch artist and writer who is known for his unique style of creating maps that explore the social and cultural dynamics of cities. He has produced several works, including books, exhibitions, and online projects, that provide a new way of looking at urban spaces.

Rothuizen’s maps are not the typical street maps that we are used to, but instead, they are a combination of drawings, texts, and photographs that provide a narrative of the city. He captures the essence of a place, the people who live there, and the stories that make it unique.

In addition to his maps, Rothuizen has written several books that document his travels and experiences in various cities around the world. He has also exhibited his work in several countries, and his maps have been featured in numerous publications.

Overall, Jan Rothuizen’s work provides a fascinating insight into the cultural and social aspects of cities, and his unique approach to mapping has made him a prominent figure in the world of contemporary art and urban exploration.

Jan Rothiuzen

A booklet with all the needs for climate adaptation in a nutshell

We send our students out with some background information and ask them to perceive the city. Afterward, they will sketch their individual cognitive map, so they sketch what they have seen. By comparing with other students they can find out about their awareness of climate adaptation. In this way, we can trigger awareness of the needs of city planning and bottom-up citizen impact to reach the climate goals.

The sketchcity study week is part of the SDG-driven impact of teaching at the University of Applied Sciences in the Grisons.