Day 1 Kickoff & Intro


Location: STC | Lloyd room L13-01( conference room)

9.30 Coffee and tea, water

10.00 Welcome by Rotterdam University and University of Applied Sciences in the Grisons, Switzerland

The Rotterdam sketch team consists of : Janneska Spoelman, Renee Nycolaas , Ilona van den Breugel, Jasper Monster, Joep Manschot, Mark Wissink, Dries Stuij from Rotterdam University

The sketchcity team from Switzerland consists of: Tanja Hess, Andreas Mädler, Andreas Kohli, Giada Zacheo, Noah Schaer, and Joelle Kost from the University of Applied Sciences in the Grisons

Keynote Jan Rothuizen

Jan will introduce us to his work and ambition to communicate the city via sketches.

Tanja Hess – about the mighty tool for critical thinking, the pencil

What is the benefit of sketched visual storytelling? And why do we need to act now?

Through visual idea design, diverse urban needs in a city can be made visible and thus flow directly into the complex urban development and its planning. The spectrum ranges from „good ideas“ to comprehensive portfolios with concrete solutions. Citizens should be included in the planning processes and the diverse approaches to solutions coordinated by online systems, made transparently, and access to influential data material supported.

Lunch will be provided

In the afternoon there will be a treasure hunt in the groups, crisscrossing the city of Rotterdam.

Gallery with happy faces from the students

coming soon

Treasure Hunt

After having had our lunch bag, the treasure hunt starts.

QR-tag link to the hunt …

Over 200 students are participating