Wednesday | Hands on urbanism

On sunny Wednesday morning, students met at the STC building at 09:30.

At the beginning Andreas Mädler explained today’s levies:

  • 4 sketches from everybody developing the idea
  • 1 sketch from each group outlining situation/overall ideas
  • 1 making-of photo from everybody while sketching
  • 1 soundfile (30sec) from each group recorded at the location

Afterwards dr. ir. Anne Loes Nillessen gave a presentation about urban water challenges in Rotterdam and other cities.

Afterwards Andreas Kohli talked about urban climate questions in Zurich with the topic „Making Zurich a better place“.

After lunch all students met at their locations.
The workshops for the afternoon were cancelled so that the students had time to develop their group and own ideas.

sketches while developing the idea

making of images



Square ’40

Het Park, Lost Perl

Schiedamse dijk