Tuesday | Getting in Contact with the 10 Locations

Tuesday started at 10:00 a.m. and the first thing the students learned was which group had won the „Contest for Best Cognitive Map“. Andreas Mädler then informed the students about the new daily task, which included:

  • Write impressions and challenges of the assigned location in a short text.
  • Photos of the location from each group
  • Selfies of the groups at the workshops

However, before the tasks started, Prof. Gerard Peet gave an interesting presentation about the history and formation of Rotterdam. Next, Andreas Kohli gave a presentation about „Cohabitation“, i.e. the meeting of humans, architecture with plants and animals.

In the afternoon the tasks started, all groups met at the assigned locations. Here they had the opportunity to deal with their location, to take pictures and sketches. After that the workshops followed at different locations in the city. The workshops were very different e.g. Digital Sketching, Bring your sketch to life, Sketch&Type, etc. Depending on which workshop the group was assigned to and where the students enrolled, there was an opportunity to dive deeper into the chosen topic.

Pictures of the locations

Quotes about the locations

Het Park, Lost Perl

„However, with all its benefits, Het Park presents some challenges when it comes to sustainability. One such challenge is the fact that the park is already so well-optimized that there may be limited opportunities for further improvement.“

Group – Athen

Cube dwellings

„Next to us was a man using a drillmachine and the sound reflected on every angle and came back to us. Its not a cozy place, despite the houses are yellow, the place overall feels grey and dead. There are some plants in pots, but it seems heartless.
A small labyrinth of concrete in which one is reluctant to get lo.“

Group – Berlin

Square ’40

„The location is very grey and not very noticeable. The square in general is not well visited, every now an then people pass it but never linger.“

Group – Graz


„While walking through the alley, big ugly fences makes you feel like are not welcome. The lack of maintenance also contributes to a general feeling of neglect. There is a feeling of seperation between the private and the open spaces, resulting in a somewhat cold and impersonal atmosphere.“

Group – Warswa


„The square looks sprawling and does not exude any charm. The meadow is too large and has no subdivisions or niches. The fence that surrounds the square seems oppressive and off-putting.“

Group – Kopenhagen


„A place where life meets, where noise and stillness start,
A ditch dug deep, guiding cars on their way,
With walls around, their tales they hold, a silent play.“

Group – Bordeaux


„There is a school near a busy road -> children are at risk and grow up without a feeling for biodiversity because it is only grey and they have little open space/playground.“

Group – York


„The cranes are definitely an interesting concept with a lot of potential, but right now they’re just huge and do not function.“

Group – Rome


„Noordereiland is connected to the mainland by several bridges, which can create traffic congestion during peak hours. Additionally, there are limited public transportation options available on the island.“

Group – Porto

Schiedamse dijk

„The area is loud, which is caused by the traffic. More bicycles and trees would help against this.“

Group – Valencia

Who was there?

Enrollment to evening walk with Andreas and Gerard