Monday | Key note and Treasure Hunt

Rotterdam meets Chur

On Monday the day started relaxed after a welcome coffee at 10 am in the STC building with a beautiful view over Rotterdam and directly at the waterfront. All students from Switzerland and Rotterdam met for the first time. The students from Switzerland are studying „Multimedia Production“ and the students from Rotterdam „Urban Planing“.

The project for this week was explained and the people in charge of the two locations were introduced.

About the project:

  • 10 Locations
  • Groups of 5-6 students from Switzerland and Holland
  • At each location we will have challenges and tasks and of course skits!
  • The project has the overall theme: Discovery. It’s about discovering new places, discovering how the environment feels, how the environment looks like and how it feels to make new friends between the students from Switzerland and Holland.

Program Monday

After the reception Tanja Hess, responsible for the location in Switzerland, gave a short presentation what the students can expect during this week and what task they will have. Afterwards the Dutch artist Jan Rothuizen gave a presentation. Among other things, it was about drawings, which consist of a combination of words and pictures. These words describe his feelings, what is happening around him. His advice to the students: „Describe what you cannot draw, draw what you cannot describe. Name what you are not sure about.“

Presentation of the project:

There’s a big drop-off by Thursday night. „Develop ideas for the smart livable future city.“ In the group, a common idea is developed. Then each student builds on that idea individually.
Each day there are different levies (homework assignments) that need to be submitted each day by the evening.

Introduction to the scavenger hunt through Rotterdam

With a plan all groups get a QR code. There they will be guided with a path through the city and can get to know each other. At the end of the path, the experience should be drawn from memory.
After lunch, all students met in their groups. There was an initial get-to-know-you session where everyone introduced themselves and drew each other. After that, the scavenger hunt began. This led the groups across the city. Everyone sketched different places or situations that inspired them. From this each group created a cognitive map.

Treasure Hunt Group Pictures

good ideas in climate adaptation

not so good spots regarding climate adaptation

All cognitive maps from each group