Thursday | Finalizing the ideasketches

On Thursday, the students met at 10 am in Academieplein.
At the beginning Andreas Mädler explained the levies for today:

  • 5 sketches from everybody developing the idea
  • 1 making-of photo from everybody working on assignment

For the final submission everyone has to hand in

  • PDF of every group overarching concept/out-idea-is.-sheet
  • PDF from everybody individualized concept/my-idea-is..-sheet
  • Video (1min) from everybody: This is my idea! PDF explained and filmed with mobile device.

Afterwards Hans Karssenberg gave a presentation about the topic: City at Eye-level. This is about how people walk through the city and perceive it.

Then the students had time to work together in their groups on their final submissions.

sketches while developing the idea

making of images