What is Urban Sketching?

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Urban Sketching is a movement that began in 2007. It startet quietly and with only a dozen of people, but it spread out all over the world in a short time. Why this?

Urban Sketchers want to do more than only click and whipe on the surface of a smartphone to take a picture. Urban Sketchers want to take a closer look at the things to understand how they are and what these things mean to us. Urban Sketching is kind of an equivalent of the selfie. It depicts the person in his or her surrounding, but it goes even further. Because one is looking for quite a long time at the same things – sketching is timeconsumeing – one reflects the things that are in front. So Urban Sketchers think about the world as it is and … Often want a better world. This is where our work starts.

We are looking at the world how it is and we want to improve this urban environement to a better world. The iteration of doing the same sketch once, twice or even three times brings up the ideas and generates new questions. The sketch is a visual solution for the question to the city to improve the urban living.

Cities should engage Urban Sketchers as idea generators for more livability.

The biggest advantage of the sketch is, that it is able to show the future.

But why is the use of the word „urban“ grown so fast? Why is gentrification, urbanisation and migration so important? We, as citizens of the future, will not be able to stop the urbanisation. Clymate change, overuse of the ressources, migration are gerate demands in our near future. To cope the problem we need smart solutions, we need creative ideas and a sustainable behaviour. So lets be creative and discuss ideas, find the needed ideas by sketching better solutions for the future city.

Because we won’t be able to afford cities like the cities we built in the last decades, we are forced to find better solutions for the sustainable, resilient and livable future city.