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The Sketchcity study week in Rotterdam 2023

The Sketchcity study week in Rotterdam 2023 generated many exciting ideas on how to transform urban spaces to make them more attractive, environmentally friendly and people-friendly. Some of the students‘ main ideas are:

  • park design and green spaces:
    Creating more green spaces and parks in the city can help improve the quality of life for residents. By incorporating trees, flowers, lawns, and seating, these places can become recreational spaces that reduce the stress of urban life.
  • traffic calming and parking reduction:
    Converting streets to 30 km/h zones and reducing parking spaces can create more areas for green space and pedestrians. This not only contributes to a more environmentally friendly urban design, but also promotes the well-being of residents.
  • Biodiversity and sustainable gardening:
    Promoting biodiversity and sustainable gardening through vertical gardens, raised beds, and community gardens can help improve the urban climate, air quality, and overall well-being of residents.
  • community gardens and community spaces:
    Establishing community gardens and community spaces that bring people of different social classes together promotes social interaction and a sense of community. These spaces can also serve as places where residents can cook or spend time together.
  • Environmentally friendly infrastructure:
    Incorporating green infrastructure such as rainwater storage, solar energy, and sustainable green roofs in urban areas can help improve energy efficiency and environmental protection.
  • Multicultural elements:
    Incorporating multicultural elements such as graffiti and community amenities into park and urban space design promotes cultural exchange, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among residents.
  • Enhancing Existing Urban Spaces:
    Enhancing and redesigning existing urban spaces, such as school grounds or monuments, can help make them more attractive, informative, and environmentally friendly.

Overall, these ideas offer many opportunities to transform urban spaces to make them more attractive and environmentally friendly. By creating green spaces and parks, driving traffic calming, promoting sustainable gardening, creating community spaces, integrating green infrastructure, incorporating multicultural elements, and enhancing existing spaces.

of the idea sketches
developed during
the study week
in Rotterdam 2023