Reporting from the front – la Biennale di Venezia

Exhibition | When the gates open to „la Biennale di Venezia“ everybody is on the run to get a glimpse of our times. In the name of the only every second year takeing place exhibition, the word „la“ is important.

“Architects often think they are too small to make a change, but together they can smother the big animal.” Alejandro Avatena, curator, la Biennale 2016, Venezia

La Biennale tries to show the conclusion of the artists all over the world. And they are a special kind of artists, they are the men and women, that build our houses – the architects. Houses are for men like clothes for the soul. Both make life comforting.

So the parallel from men’s live to men’s soul is close. Have a look at the exhibition and you will better understand a part of mankind. This is why everybody is eager to get a glimpse of the destillate of our world from this „La Biennale“.

The title of the exhibition is, repoting from the front. „What shines through is a dazzling range of ingenious responses to situations of scarcity and insecurity, along with a good number of beautiful things that have no worthy pretensions at all.“ says the Guardian.

La Biennale

Alejandro Aravena’s Venice architecture biennale: ‚We can’t forget beauty in our battles‘

Venice architecture biennale pavilions – a souped-up pre-school playground