Designing an urban backpack tent

We will need new models for living, and migration will be everywhere because we all will be working in the cities.

Best Practice| Melina is a portable tent designed to inspire nomadic city living.

This student made his idea of the future needs in urban living come true. Read about Backpack-cum-tent designed for urban camping on Design Indaba

By the way: what means „indaba“?

An indaba (pronounced in-dar-bah) is an important conference held by the izinDuna (principal men) of the Zulu or Xhosa peoples of South Africa. (Such meetings are also practiced by the Swazi, who refer to them using the close cognate indzaba.) These indabas may include only the izinDuna of a particular community or may be held with representatives of other communities. The term comes from a Zulu language word, meaning „business“ or „matter“.[souce: wiki]