Europe City Urban Public Space

Readings | The book presents a multifaceted and diverse platform of ideas about European public space and its social, cultural, economic,and historical significance. Approached from a variety of different disciplines—with essays by sociologists and novelists; architects and anthropologists—this discussion is focused on seven lessons that have been learned through the prolific construction of public spaces across Europe over the last fifteen years: Memory, Mobility, Mixture, Margins, Waterfront, Marketplace, and Democracy. Fifty-four of these projects are featured along with a historic overview of European public space as well as reflections by authors from Africa, Asia, North Americaand Latin America.

„The self-conscious creation of public space as a critical strategem cannot be sustained over a long term unless it is also combined with public transport.“


Europe City, Lessons from European Prize for Urban Public Space, Centre de Cultura Cpntemporania de Barcelona, Lars Müller Publishers


„However, the creation of sustainable public space has to go beyond the mere provision of a serviceable public amenity, such as playground or pocket park.“

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